About Us

DAM Projects allows registered users to post details of Digital Asset Management-related projects.

It has been set up by Digital Asset Management industry journal, DAM News and developed by the same team responsible for the DAM Vendors Directory and Digital Asset Management Glossary resources.

DAM Projects can be used to ask for help with:

  • DAM Solution RFPs and tenders
  • Implementing DAM software
  • Metadata or taxonomy design projects
  • Cataloguing and metadata entry
  • Batch asset processing (e.g video conversion)
  • DAM consulting
  • DAM industry analysis
  • Metadata and DAM training

DAM Projects should not be used to post job adverts, although short-term freelance assignments for individuals to respond to are permitted. DAM Projects is suitable for any requirement that has a defined start and end point rather than on-going employment oriented assistance.

All submissions are currently free of charge to post. You must register and have any requests approved by a DAM Project administrator before they approved. All projects are tweeted to the DAM News Twitter feed and posted on the main DAM News site.

Free Premium DAM News Whitepaper. Until 30th April 2014, anyone who has an advert approved for DAM Projects can choose to receive one of the DAM News premium whitepapers entirely free of charge. We will contact you to confirm your selection.

To get started, just register, login and select add a project. If you need help please contact us by telephone: +44 (0)20 7096 1471 or use the contact form on the DAM News.